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magento phishing mails 0

Magento phishing mails

Be aware of Magento phishing mails! There is an ongoing phishing mail attack running, mentioning a new Magento patch and providing a link to download a file. Do not click on this link, delete...

update magento center 0

Be aware of

Another security relevant topic for this year with domain! This domain hosts a phishing campaign and malware. It is not related to any officially Magento site and it is dangerous to log in....


Magento Patch SUPEE-10975

It is patch day again with Magento patch SUPEE-10975 with another bunch of security leaks closed. As always: it is a good idea to update your shop as soon as possible. Christmas shopping is currently...

magento 2 create simple adminhtml module 0

Magento 2 – create simple adminhtml module

In this beginner tutorial I show you how to create a simple Magento 2 module. It defines a menu and displays a adminhtml page with user generated content. Based on this, you can start...

magento 2 frontend knockout code 0

Magento 2 frontend Knockout code

In this tutorial I show you how Magento 2 frontend Knockout code works. You may have seen this Knockout codes in some of Magento 2 html template files and wondered how this works. I...

modularity against complexity 0

Modularity against complexity

Modularity against complexity When is software too complex? If you are evaluation software, a key point is complexity. If a software is complex and bad documented, it is hard to maintain. It gets worse...

Magento Patch SUPEE 10888 0

Magento Patch SUPEE-10888

Magento released Version and with it a patch called SUPEE-10888 for alter Magento 1 shops. As always it is a good idea to patch as soon as possible. There are currently no known... hack 0

Be aware of malware

Last month an infection of thousands of Magento shops was reported due to a maleware from a website called This is all you need to know about and why it is not safe...

Magento 2 get current product 0

Magento 2 get current product

This post shows you how to programmatically get current product in Magento 2. This is essentially if you want to display product related content on frontend (for example special banners or overlays). Magento 2...

Magento 2 overload overwrite controller 2

Magento 2 overload, overwrite controller

This tutorial shows you how to overload or overwrite controller for your Magento 2 shop. You do both, overloading or overwriting a controller depends on your needs, but lets see what different solutions you...