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Magento 2 SQL Injection 0

Magento 2 – SQL injection bug

Once again Magento 2 is under attack. A serious SQL injection bug was detected and fixed in current Magento 2 version. If you already have a Magento 2 shop online it is important to...

magento phishing mails 0

Magento phishing mails

Be aware of Magento phishing mails! There is an ongoing phishing mail attack running, mentioning a new Magento patch and providing a link to download a file. Do not click on this link, delete...

update magento center 0

Be aware of

Another security relevant topic for this year with domain! This domain hosts a phishing campaign and malware. It is not related to any officially Magento site and it is dangerous to log in.... hack 0

Be aware of malware

Last month an infection of thousands of Magento shops was reported due to a maleware from a website called This is all you need to know about and why it is not safe...

magento patch supee 10415 0

Magento Patch SUPEE-10415

New Magento Patch SUPEE-10415 is out and should, as always, be installed immediately. This patch comes with Magento and addresses many security related enhancements against cross-site request forgery, Denial-of-Service attacks and remote code...

magento patch Supee-10266 0

Magento Patch SUPEE-10266

There is a new Magento security patch called SUPEE-10266 out. It addresses some very important tasks so it is a very important security patch, which should be installed as fast as possible. I show...

patch 8167 0

Magento Patch 8167

You may discover an important message about Patch 8167 (SUPEE-8167) in your Magento adminhtml. This patch needs to be installed till june 30, because Paypal IPN will be changed. If you use Paypal standard,...


Magento Patch 9767

A new Magento patch 9767 called SUPEE-9767 is out. It addresses several security issues. It is important to install it as soon as possible. Some dangerous remote code execution issues are reported, one of...

secure adminhtml with directory protection 0

Secure adminhtml with directory protection

In this tutorial I show how to secure adminhtml with directory protection. This is a very simple task to enhance security. Most Magento shops are under attack and a shop owner or a developer...