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Magento Patch SUPEE-11155

Magento Patch SUPEE-11155 fixes some security issues. There are currently no known attacks going on, but it is a good idea to update your shop systems before your summer holiday. Stop all issues for...

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Magento 2 – SQL injection bug

Once again Magento 2 is under attack. A serious SQL injection bug was detected and fixed in current Magento 2 version. If you already have a Magento 2 shop online it is important to...

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Magento phishing mails

Be aware of Magento phishing mails! There is an ongoing phishing mail attack running, mentioning a new Magento patch and providing a link to download a file. Do not click on this link, delete...

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Be aware of

Another security relevant topic for this year with domain! This domain hosts a phishing campaign and malware. It is not related to any officially Magento site and it is dangerous to log in.... hack 0

Be aware of malware

Last month an infection of thousands of Magento shops was reported due to a maleware from a website called This is all you need to know about and why it is not safe...

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Magento Patch SUPEE-10415

New Magento Patch SUPEE-10415 is out and should, as always, be installed immediately. This patch comes with Magento and addresses many security related enhancements against cross-site request forgery, Denial-of-Service attacks and remote code...

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Magento Patch SUPEE-10266

There is a new Magento security patch called SUPEE-10266 out. It addresses some very important tasks so it is a very important security patch, which should be installed as fast as possible. I show...

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Magento Patch 8167

You may discover an important message about Patch 8167 (SUPEE-8167) in your Magento adminhtml. This patch needs to be installed till june 30, because Paypal IPN will be changed. If you use Paypal standard,...


Magento Patch 9767

A new Magento patch 9767 called SUPEE-9767 is out. It addresses several security issues. It is important to install it as soon as possible. Some dangerous remote code execution issues are reported, one of...