Monthly Archive: July 2017

magento 2 reset lost admin password 0

Magento 2 – reset lost admin password

In this tutorial I show how to reset lost admin password. This is a common task for every Magento developer. Sometimes you changed your password and you can’t remember it any more. If you...

supee-9767 v2 0

Magento Patch 9767 v2

One month after first confirmed issues Patch SUPEE-9767 v2 is now out. If you need it, you first have to revert its old version. I never reverted any patch, so see how to revert...

magento 2 install theme 3

Magento 2 – install theme

In this post I show you how to install a theme for Magento 2. This is done with example theme Ultimo, a very flexible, modern and expendable Magento theme. A different theme may have...