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magento 2 hack 0

Magento 2 hack

Security is one big topic for an online shop so I wonder if there is Magento 2 hack software known. The main source of interest are credit card information, but I bet there might...

magento phishing mails 0

Magento phishing mails

Be aware of Magento phishing mails! There is an ongoing phishing mail attack running, mentioning a new Magento patch and providing a link to download a file. Do not click on this link, delete...

update magento center 0

Be aware of

Another security relevant topic for this year with domain! This domain hosts a phishing campaign and malware. It is not related to any officially Magento site and it is dangerous to log in....


Magento Patch SUPEE-10975

It is patch day again with Magento patch SUPEE-10975 with another bunch of security leaks closed. As always: it is a good idea to update your shop as soon as possible. Christmas shopping is currently...

magento 2 frontend knockout code 0

Magento 2 frontend Knockout code

In this tutorial I show you how Magento 2 frontend Knockout code works. You may have seen this Knockout codes in some of Magento 2 html template files and wondered how this works. I...

modularity against complexity 0

Modularity against complexity

Modularity against complexity When is software too complex? If you are evaluation software, a key point is complexity. If a software is complex and bad documented, it is hard to maintain. It gets worse...

Magento Patch SUPEE 10888 0

Magento Patch SUPEE-10888

Magento released Version and with it a patch called SUPEE-10888 for alter Magento 1 shops. As always it is a good idea to patch as soon as possible. There are currently no known... hack 0

Be aware of malware

Last month an infection of thousands of Magento shops was reported due to a maleware from a website called This is all you need to know about and why it is not safe...